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Natural Roots Extracts

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  1. Our address:
    630 SW Walnut Street #141, Hillsboro, 97123, Oregon, United States
  2. Ownership

In this evolving industry, our mission is to remain cutting edge in our operation by applying the most innovative techniques and latest scientific research to our extraction methods. Producing superior extracts begins by processing superior flower. We collaborate with only the greenest producers in the state, whose conscious mission is to utilize the most organic grow techniques to produce clean, organic cannabis. This results in the purest oil, with a focus on high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Transparency is key in supporting this, so Natural Roots always goes above and beyond in regards to information about processes, partners, materials used, and test results. 

Our Products 
All products produced in the Natural Roots lab are created with consumers in mind. In a market that caters to both patients and adult recreational consumers alike, it is always  our intention to release the highest quality extracts, that consistently provide people with ultimate relief through the full spectrum of benefits. Recent research has focused more on the important role terpenes play in the overall benefits from cannabis. The combination of cannabinoids and cannabis-specific terpenes, provide the most complete spectrum of relief. Natural Roots products are formulated to achieve peak levels of cannabinoids, along with high ratios of strain-specific, 100% cannabis terpene profiles. We do so by using CO2 extraction to isolate and capture large quantities of 100% cannabis-derived, strain-specific terpenes. These terpenes are then re-infused with our THC oil, creating what we call terpene, or terp sauce. Terp sauce provides consumers with an experience of the most fulfilling natural cannabis flavors along with synergistically satisfying effects. Our oil is never cut  or diluted with additives like PG, VG, MCT oil, or any other substance foreign to cannabis. Our terp sauce is produced with only 100% cannabis that we select and process all the way through from terpenes to THC. 

Enjoy Natural Roots terp sauce in our convenient,  high quality c-cell vape cartridges, or dab some sauce at a cool temperature for ultimate taste and experience. 

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