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  1. Our address:
    1040 Commercial St SE, Salem, 97302, Oregon, United States
  2. Ownership

Diem’s grand vision is to see cannabis improving lives…everyone’s lives. We believe that cannabis is a natural medicine, with something to offer all humans, and our mission is to shine a light onto this miraculous plant. 

We are here to help you seize the day, working hard to provide relief for medical patients, fun and relaxation for recreational cannabis users, and to give back to our community. Diem is with the people, cannabis is for everyone.

Company photos

  • Diem Cannabis cover
  • Diem Cannabis 118
  • Diem Cannabis 117
  • Diem Cannabis 116
  • Diem Cannabis 115
  • Diem Cannabis 119
  • Diem Cannabis 120
  • Diem Cannabis 121
  • Diem Cannabis 122
  • Diem Cannabis 123
  • Diem Cannabis 124
  • Diem Cannabis 125

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