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  1. Our address:
    2061 NE Aloclek Drive #908, Hillsboro, 97214, Oregon, United States
  2. GPS:
    45.53421031328889, -122.89608352247615
  3. Ownership

Healthier plants start with Root Pouch. We reinvented the plastic plant pot!

Root Pouch offers the best sustainable growing containers made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials. From nurseries to cannabis to urban gardening, we are the best solution for all growing needs. 

With incredibly high yields, healthy and safe plants, and quick maturity, cannabis growers consistently rely on Root Pouch to help their grow see sweet success. 

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  • We actively strive for equality

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  • Root Pouch cover
  • Root Pouch 108
  • Root Pouch 109
  • Root Pouch 107
  • Root Pouch 106
  • Root Pouch 105
  • Root Pouch 103
  • Root Pouch 104
  • Root Pouch 102

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