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Hello Friends,

My name is Jillian Reyes, a licensed esthetician from the Academy of Beauty, Los Angeles. I am also a Psychology graduate from the University of California, Irvine. 

I am a freelance artist who offers services such as eyelash extensions, organic airbrush tanning, skin care analysis, facials, back facials, and product consultation inside of Good Life Medicine Center in Portland, OR. 

I enjoy what I do, and love to make people feel good about their skin, and themselves. I try at all times to keep product usage organic and natural due to the fact that our bodies whether we like it or not are covered in hair, enabling any products we apply topically to enter inside the body through the hair follicles. People do not realize that, so during facials I give clients the option of choosing to use organic skin care products because everything is natural, plant/fruit derived, and most importantly, SAFE! However, some people are allergic to certain fruits, herbs, plants etc. that is why I like to offer a variety of products so I can really aid in each person’s INDIVIDUAL needs. Every one of us works so hard to strive for the things we want in life; often leading our bodies into mental and physical stress! 

Therefore, I will do everything I can to make you relax and alleviate your worries away! That is not only my job, but my passion as well. My client’s needs are #1 and top priority, so let me help you sink into a blissful state of mind for at the very least an hour out of your day. YOU are beautiful and deserve it :)

Good Vibes & High Fives,

Jillian R.

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