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    SOVEDA is a concoction of dirt, art and science all encompassed in a botanical retail lounge offering interior Plantscape Design, horticulture workshops, healing practitioner rooms and a canna-friendly event space, providing a finely curated collection of goods and practitioner offerings to the people of Portland while also celebrating the importance of individual health and community. SOVEDA serves completely unique, branded products in the lounge retail space as well as brings people in full circle for health and wellness.
    Our Plantscape Design team seeks to deliver the best design services for dwellings and work spaces as well as horticulture guidance for hobbyists. We use a straightforward approach to botany combined with expertise of plants matched with a keen eye for design to create swanky/classy, clean spaces. 
    SOVEDA will be a place to pick up a quick cup of tea or coffee or relax for a break on a laptop in a convenient and chill setting - “I’m on my lunch break, going to SOVEDA lounge for a snack and iced almond chai latte”.  Or “Meet me at the SOVEDA lounge for a cup of tea after my massage”.  It will be vibrant, cozy, fun, hospitable, and educational.
    SOVEDA provides an alternative destination to the heavy foodie and cocktail lounges found all over Portland, as well as filling a missing role in the healthy food and physical wellness category. In addition to the coffee, tea and Nectar Bar, the lounge space will also function as a retail floor with an apothecary wall, living specimen plants and textile luxuries.   
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  2. Oov Lifestyle

    Oov Lifestyle is a media company and lifestyle brand at the intersection of cannabis and health & wellness.  We believe creating positive dialogue and fostering community through relatable content is the first step towards normalization and destigmatization.  Come join our digital community on IG at @oovlifestyle, visit our website at www.oov.life, and download our free e-magazine at www.oov.life/magazine 
    We look forward to welcoming you to the #oovfam!  
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  3. NWCC

    Our Specialty at the NWCC is providing a premier space for responsible adult consumption.The NW Cannabis Club has the unique capacity for social gathering throughout the year allowing a diverse collection of events, shows and a wide variety of member inspired entertainment. We feature a 50 ft dab bar with a variety of E-Nails, volcano vaporizer and glass for member use. The club gives adults a relaxing environment to unwind with the downstairs lounge including pool, foosball, as well as other fun activities. No Sales of product are allowed at the club but we welcome all our members to bring their favorite products and consume responsibly.  Our lifetime memberships are $20 and the daily entry fee is $5.
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      Also accepting clients for on-going or maintenance of current QuickBooks files or those in start-up mode looking for a fresh file and some business advice to make 2019 as easy as possible on the back end.
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    • Enlightenment Farms, LLC
      Greetings everyone! 
      Feeling thankful to be able to announce that our new website and logo are live! 
      Please check us out at:
      Any comments or feedback are appreciated, thank you so much for all of your support!
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