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  1. Mission Cannabis Club

    Formerly known as Shambhala Medical Cannabis Collective, we are a fully licensed cannabis retailer that has been serving the Mission neighborhood since 2011.
    Today we're one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco and are proud to provide both medical patients and recreational customers a place to find and consume quality cannabis in our community.
    Whether you're looking for organic, locally grown flower, high-quality edibles and concentrates, or non psychoactive CBD products, Mission Cannabis Club carries a wide selection to meet your needs.


  2. Green Hop

    Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience. The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience. 
    Green Hop is a link between musicians, art, and cannabis! Hip hop and cannabis have been intertwined since the genre rose up from its roots in the streets of the 1970s. DJ Kool Herc laid the foundation, Grandmaster Flash created the technique, and Afrika Bambaataa organized to help birth a culture called Hip Hop.


  3. BeWonderful

    BeWonderful is a unique boutique dispensary located in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland. We specialize in great customer service, well selected flowers, oils, and THC and CBD infused edibles, skin care, as well as wellness and beauty products. Our selection and prices are hard to beat! BeWonderful has been open for eight months and has been rapidly building up our clientele and momentum as a new shop in a complicated and challenging economy. The dispensary is owned and operated by an OMMP grower that has been a card holder since 1999 and living in Portland Oregon since 2004.
    We just got our OLCC farm licensed a few months ago and will be caring our own line of flowers and products in the near future. We support many great producers and processor from around the state and enjoy the products themselves and are passionate about the cannabis plant, and the healing and medicinal properties that cannabis brings to our species. Please stop by to say hello and meet our friendly staff. We would love to see you and show you around!


  4. Diem Cannabis

    Diem’s grand vision is to see cannabis improving lives…everyone’s lives. We believe that cannabis is a natural medicine, with something to offer all humans, and our mission is to shine a light onto this miraculous plant. 

    We are here to help you seize the day, working hard to provide relief for medical patients, fun and relaxation for recreational cannabis users, and to give back to our community. Diem is with the people, cannabis is for everyone.


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    • Kennedy Consulting
      Kennedy Consulting has openings available for companies seeking 2018 tax prep and/or ongoing bookkeeping services in the Portland/Vancouver area! If you've got messy receipts, messy books, reports to prepare or something else lurking around and keeping your from preparing your taxes - I'm happy to help.  Clean-up and systems-set up are specialties of mine. 

      Also accepting clients for on-going or maintenance of current QuickBooks files or those in start-up mode looking for a fresh file and some business advice to make 2019 as easy as possible on the back end.
    • REDe Print
      We have die cut machine now. We can die cut your labels or stickers with any shape and fast turnaround time. Contact us for your printing needs to info@redeprintnshop.com or 503-227-6137.
    • Savina Monet
      Now taking Summer projects ??✨ Looking for packaging design, flyer, or logo work? Tired of touching code on your website? Tokeativity Connect members receive a special 10% discount off work, DM me for more info!

    • Enlightenment Farms, LLC
      Greetings everyone! 
      Feeling thankful to be able to announce that our new website and logo are live! 
      Please check us out at:
      Any comments or feedback are appreciated, thank you so much for all of your support!
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