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LIVE Online Workshop: Cannabis for Anxiety with Juliane Nowe


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Juliane Nowe, a Canadian WHOLEistic Cannabis Coach and Founder of Lady Nowe, will go over:

- her own personal experience with anxiety, how she became a medical patient, and experiences with PTSD
- what strains and genetics are best for easing anxiety
- what consumption method is best
- dosing low and slow: when, why and how!
- conscious cannabis usage
- lifestyle as a whole and methods for improving overall lifestyle to help reduce anxiety

A portion of the proceeds this month will go to The Open Cannabis Project! Learn more about their work, here.


Date: Wed May 9, 2018
Time: 12pm PDT (3pm EDT / 8pm GMT)
Place: Online in our Virtual Classroom!
Limited to 50 participants

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I was born and raised in a small town-Heckmans Island, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I consider myself lucky to have grown up around my family and adults choosing to use cannabis medically and recreationally. I was aware of the stigma that was placed on this beautiful plant but was shown and was able to see the numerous benefits that the female plant herself holds. I felt firm in this "feeling", in this "knowing", that the stigma was "created" and not the "truth". 

I moved to New Brunswick August 2015 and I took my Yoga and Reiki business full time. Long story short, I started teaching a private class to a group of beautiful souls- veterans with PTSD, spouses, family members and friends- all with life changing stories about how medical marijuana has benefited their lives. Here, I was able to infuse cannabis and yoga and started using my cannabis curiosity to learn more. 

For years, I used cannabis recreationally. In February 2017 I became a medical marijuana patient (and yes I do still use cannabis recreationally-indica dab and Netflix stand up comedy anyone!?)

My life partner is the founder of Marijuana for Trauma. Since July 24, 2016 I have fully immersed myself in the full spectrum of cannabis education and it organically flowed to coaching clients one-on-one and holding space to lead conscious cannabis and yoga experiences for groups. My coaching is unique because I combine my knowledge on strains, genetics, symptoms, and treatments with a healthy lifestyle. Together, we cover ALL areas of your life and with our shared intention to create and live with ananda (bliss) you too, will be living a LadyNowe organic cannabis lifestyle.


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