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LIVE RECORDING: Cannabis Horticulture with Erika Winters


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We would like to offer complimentary access to founding members, beta testers, business members, community members, chapter leaders and our internal team to participate in our live classroom recording with Horticulture Consultant, Erika Winters of Everbloom Consulting tomorrow Wednesday, July 11th starting at 10:45am in the Tokeativity Connect classroom. This recording will live in our online classroom and on other Tokeativity partner channels.

We are adding more Cannabis Horticulture to our classroom offerings and will be recording the classes below live tomorrow at 11 am, 12:30pm, and 2:00 pm! Each class is 50 minutes of educational presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q & A for attendees. We'd love to have your presence, support, and questions in the classroom! 

Interested in attending?


1. Make sure to read the tech instructions here and have the latest version of Chrome on your desktop computer.

2. Login with your Tokeativity Connect account tomorrow 15 minutes before any of the times below and navigate to http://tokeativity.com/connect/meet - use the classroom password delivered in the email you receive after RSVPing to enter.

You can use your real name, business name, fictitious name when you enter.


CLASS OFFERINGS: in chronological order

11am  | "Mindful Transitions: Early Season Care for Late Season Success"
Mindful approaches, tools, & techniques for transplanting, pruning, and training (low-stress & high-stress training) of vegetative plants; relevant to both indoor and outdoor farms & gardens. Discussion of cultural care early-season to prevent biological issues late-season.

12:30pm | "Cannabis & Hemp Pests of the Pacific Northwest: Diagnosis & IPM Calendar Mapping"
Overview of most common pests; focus on Micro Mites (i.e. Russet & Broad), introduction to Integrated Pest Management principles and tools & techniques to put tactics into practice. Relevant to both indoor and outdoor farms. ODA Guidelist discussion for compliancy, and Integrated Pest Management calendar mapping.

2pm | "Intentional Compost Tea Brewing: Philosophy & Practice - Brewing Liquid Magik from 5 to 5,000 gallons!"
Introduction to AACT & FPE's (Actively Aerated Compost Tea & Fermented Plant Extracts), basic and advanced brewing practices for small home gardens, scaled up to large acerage production farms; relevant indoors and outdoors. Coverage of tools, techniques, ingredients, & recipes.

Chat support available tomorrow during the first half an hour at the bottom of the tokeativity.com website - open up a chat if you need help!

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