Samantha Montanaro recognized as Top Influencer in Marketing & Advertising at Global Summit

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On June 30, 2021 our co-founder and CEO Samantha Montanaro accepted an award recognizing her contributions and social impact at the Marketing, Advertising and Retail Summit in Las Vegas.

Here are some words from Samantha:

What an absolute and humbling honor to be recognized as a Top Influencer in the Marketing & Advertising industry for social impact by the global Marketing, Advertising and Retail Summit in Las Vegas this week!
My career in marketing and visual communications began when I was a teenager with a compelling pitch for my parents about why I needed Doc Martens. Let’s just say my first campaign was successful and I’ve carried on to be a passionate promoter, storyteller, mover and shaker for so many AMAZING things over the course of my life this far. Music, causes, events, businesses and products… This beautiful life is rich with important things for the community to know about. I care deeply about making the world a better place and I love sharing my stories and other’s stories of impactful experiences.
It feels so special to be recognized for my contribution to shaping the future of community and culture as a woman in the cannabis industry. The plant medicine revolution is happening because people just want to feel good, and as marketers that is really what we do. I am a passionate light worker in an intense, dark world and I am so honored to feel so seen. I’m truly humbled and grateful. But, this work does not only belong to me…
THANK YOU to my business partner, Lisa Snyder, for being on this life journey with me and for including me in your vision for Tokeativity and feminine liberation. This award, to me, feels like OUR award because for the last 5 years we have been in this together. We are just getting started and our vision for the world we want to see is happening! Thank you for creating with me – it’s truly a joy every single day.
Thank you to my parents, Mike and Rhonda, my siblings, Niki, Byron and Julie, and my Gigi, Roberta, for always loving me in my truest, raw and wild form. Your support and encouragement for me to just be myself and shine bright is the reason I’ve felt confident enough to do everything I have this far. I was always the black sheep, but y’all loved me for my differences and celebrated my quirks. I’m eternally grateful.
Thank you to the Tokeativiteam – Casey, Kia and Wendy, as well as the other leaders and contributors to our work – there are too many to name here, but y’all know who you are. Thank you to all of my amazing family, friends mentors and community for inspiring me to evolve and grow. I’m overflowing and am just going to bathe in it as I spend the next couple weeks in Northern Wisconsin with my family ❤️
In humble gratitude,
Samantha Montanaro

About the Author: Samantha Montanaro

Samantha Montanaro
Samantha Montanaro is the co-founder and CEO of Tokeativity. Her passion for plant medicine, music, art, urban farming, the psychedelic renaissance and progressive community culture are woven into everything she does as a business owner, mother, musician and pillar in her local community of Portland, OR.

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