Uniting Over Their Respective Roots In The Cannabis Community And Their Unrelenting Focus On Quality, Alibi x Astral Present Earth-Powered, Star-Shaped Gummies Created With Full Spectrum Artisanal Cannabis

Portland, Oregon – September 13, 2022 –  Alibi Cannabis and Astral Treats launch their first selection of “Astral x Alibi” edibles. Featuring Astral’s signature star shape confection, the gummies are infused with strain specific full spectrum cannabis extract from Alibi’s organic soil-grown indoor flower. Available for purchase at select dispensaries, the edibles are offered in two flavors: Stardust Huckleberry and Stardust Peach.

Of the collaboration, Alibi Cannabis co-founder and CEO, Marianne Cursetjee says “Creating amazing products is our focus and we are excited to forge a relationship with Astral Treats to bring a unique, delicious gummy to our Oregon consumers.” Elle Rahman, co-founder and COO of Astral Treats adds “innovation, design and delivering high quality products are pillars we pride ourselves on.” Rahman continues “we share these principles with Marianne and Alibi, so as two women-led brands, our collaboration has been nothing short of thrilling and powerful in this space. We’re proud to come together to offer delicious, completely doseable edibles to our home state.”

Astral x Alibi” is a partnership between Astral Treats, an Oregon Cannabis brand inspired by the infinite possibilities of space and innovation; and Alibi Cannabis, an Oregon cultivator and brand, growing with decades of passion, experience and attention to detail while producing unique strains. By combining Alibi’s years of carefully cultivated strains and Astral’s innovative design, these collaborational treats bring a relaxing, enjoyable, mindfully transformative experience to all that eat them.

Astral Alibi Gummy Flavors

Astral Alibi is launching gummies in two flavors. Product information is available at https://www.astralalibi.com/products


Astral Alibi Stardust Gummies are available now and come in a package of two 5 piece stars for a total of 100mg per package. Astral Alibi Stardust Gummies can be purchased in select dispensaries in Oregon, including:

About Alibi Cannabis:

Founded in 2017, Alibi Cannabis is a woman-owned craft cannabis company based in Portland, Oregon. Known for their top shelf handcrafted flower, Alibi Cannabis is grown with decades of passion, experience and attention to detail. Alibi Cannabis produces unique strains that are slowed cured for a consistent user experience. Alibi Cannabis is available in licensed retailers throughout Oregon. To learn more and find retail locations and finely crafted branded merchandise, visit https://alibicannabis.com/http://alibi.shop and follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/alibicannabis/.

About Astral Treats

Founded in 2020, Astral Treats™ is an Oregon-based cannabis lifestyle inspired by the infinite possibilities of space and innovation; crafting products that are as effective as they are tasty and unique. Founded by a Physicist and her Bestie, Astral’s mission is to enhance life by bringing joy and relief through delicious earth-powered, premium products. To learn more, find locations and merch, connect with Astral on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/astraltreats.eth/ or sign up for updates at www.astraltreats.com.

"Attention cannabis advocates, National CBD Day is August 8th! Let’s spend the day celebrating a very special cannabinoid that’s changing the lives of many around the globe. CBD or Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating, and according to Project CBD, it is “...a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile.”

CBD may be helpful for the following: autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, metabolic syndrome, neuropsychiatric illness, gut disorders, cardiovascular dysfunction, skin disease, and more!

We asked industry insiders to share their insights on CBD, as well as recommendations for some of their favorite CBD products for a new Cannabis Industry Spotlight feature."

Tokeativity Co-Founder Lisa Snyder shares her thoughts on the CBD movement along with her favorite CBD products!

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5 Queer Musicians to Listen to Today

by Nickia Delaware

1. Arlo Parks

Born Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho, Arlo Parks is an openly Bisexual British indie-pop singer/songwriter & poet.

Album – Collapsed in Sunbeams (2021). Listen to “Cola”

2. Chanti Darling

A Portland, OR Retrofuturist electro-soul group fronted by Chanticleer Trü, who you may know from their former band Magic Mouth.

Album- RNB VOL 1. (2018). Listen to ” Casual” ft The Last Artful Dodger

3. Leikeli47

VA born, NY raised advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Known for being super private, she always performs with a balaclava or facemask and has not released her real name to the public.

Album – Wash & Set (2017), Acrylic (2018). Listen to “Money”

4. Tash Sultana

Gender fluid Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and engineer. Known for her viral bedroom recording of their single “Jungle”

Album – Flow State (2017), Terra Firma (2020). Listen to “Free Mind”

5. Steve Lacy

Bisexual singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer from Compton,CA. Best known for his work with the band The Internet.

Solo Album – Apollo XXI (2019). Listen to “Dark Red”



Want to know what it’s like to attend a Tokeativity digital social?

Read Honeysuckle Magazine’s brief 8 minute walk-through written by Brooke Arezzi.

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Tokeativity, a global network for feminist cannabis culture, put together a night filled with panels, booths, main stage entertainment, and the perfect means for the connection of people within the cannabis space. In part of an increasing movement to celebrate psychedelics and their health benefits as research on mushrooms and plant medicine become more legalized, the event included info sessions, Tarot readings, music, and perspectives from all communities represented in cannabis. The Psychedelics and Plant Medicine Tokeativity Social opened a space for people to come together and explore not only their passions for the topics at hand, but also engage with leaders in all aspects of the sector, from justice system experts to holistic healers and media mavens.

Check out what five women at Tokeativity HQ had to say about the event: 

“It was so magical, next-level, and cutting-edge that I felt honored to be there, myself, even as the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokeativity. The vast array of experiential evidence that was shared, speaking to the power of psychedelics and plant medicine, was mind-blowing.” – Samantha Montanaro, CEO

“We believe in the normalization of plant medicine and that all people are capable of radical self-healing. We do not get a how-to guide when it comes to healing ourselves. Since Oregon has legalized psilocybin for therapeutic use and decriminalized all ‘drugs’, it’s so important that we learn from one another as a community so we can apply what works for us into our own lives.” – Lisa Snyder, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

“The psychedelics and plant medicine social was a beautiful example of the magic we all can create if we push ego aside in the name of collaboration. We all spoke power to the sacred and taboo practice of healing with plants. As we all know, representation matters in all sectors, and it feels damn good to gently show the way in this space” – Nickia Delaware, Chief Creative Officer

“The Tokeativity Socials are and always have been the highlight of my month – the feeling you get walking (or clicking) into these events has always been so powerful, like walking into a warm hug that just gets better. The vibe of mutual understanding and acceptance is hard to match – It’s one of my greatest joys; being able to bring the experience I never knew I needed until I found it, to others.” – Wendy Mintey, Chief Community Liaison

“It brings me so much joy to help create a space for our community to come together and learn about plant medicine from each other.” – Casey Wiser, Chief Operations Officer

Tokeativity Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Lisa Snyder chats with Sweet Jane Mag about what’s in store for the global feminist community for active cannabis culture.

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The last year has brought to light many inequities and challenges in the cannabis industry, and some organizations are taking this time to have tough conversations in hopes of making positive change. A global feminist community for active cannabis culture, Tokeativity brings together cannabis consumers and business owners who believe in normalization, equity, and empowerment.

Co-founders Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder first met at the start of 2015, shortly after Oregon Ballot Measure 91 was passed, legalizing recreational use of cannabis. Montanaro already had a venue and was hosting cannabis events. A year after they met, Snyder pitched Montanaro on the idea of a community that brought women who interacted with cannabis together for important conversations. The two got to work to bring the idea to life. Tokeativity launched in January 2016, at the height of the fourth wave of feminism, the start of adult-use cannabis sales in Oregon, and five days before the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Five years and one global pandemic later, Tokeativity is still very focused on its founding principles, and the team is working hard to advocate for diversity and equality in the cannabis industry. They recently released a Tokeativity Womanifesto to lay out their beliefs, commitments, and goals.

“I think it’s a great tool to review and check in with yourself to see if these things align,” says Snyder. “If they do, then we want to meet with you.”

Tokeativity is working to align those interested in helping forward the movement of cannabis and feminism, and Snyder believes there’s no time like the present to do that.

Tokeativity’s Co-Founder and CEO, Samantha Montanaro was featured on the Ladies of Paradise blog!

Women Leaders in Cannabis are plentiful within the Tokeativity community.

In a recent Forbes article, “Cannabis Leaders Pay Tribute To Unsung Heroes On International Women’s Day by Iris Dorbian”, 3 Tokeativity members were interviewed;

Amanda Freidman, head of professional services at Backbone, a Tokeativity Business Member

Kristin Murr-Sloat, co-owner of AlpinStash, and former co-host of our Toking Hour Canna Moms sesh specifically mentions the Tokeativity community in her interview.

And Libby Cooper, President of Space Coyote and guest speaker at the 2021 Psychedelics & Plant Medicine Tokeativity Social.

So many amazing women leaders within the cannabis space are mentioned in this article, be sure to give it a read!



Tokeativity Co-Founders Lisa Snyder & Samantha Montanaro interviewed by Women On Psychedelics out of the Netherlands!