Apply to Start a Tokeativity Chapter

Tokeativity offers an amazing opportunity for women to be leaders in their community by creating a unique and empowering space for women (and allies) who love cannabis to come together to connect, learn, create and so much more. Join a network of talented organizers, spanning three continents, and participate in the global movement of women around the world making radical change in their own communities and beyond.

If you’re serious about bringing Tokeativity to your hometown, we’d love to hear from you. We work with every leader to assess the needs in their community, so there is a formal application process to start an official chapter in your city. Please read through the following information to get a better idea of how Tokeativity operates. If Tokeativity seems like the right fit for you, fill out the form at the bottom to receive the New Chapter Application via email! 

Becoming a Tokeativity Leader:

“Being a leader of Tokeativity has been an amazing opportunity to facilitate relationships between women across our greater community.  It is one of the most empowering spaces I have ever been a part of.Anna Kaplan, Tokeativity Eugene Leader

“Tokeativity is my happy place and it wouldn’t exist without you.”– Tokeativity attendee

“Bearing witness to new friendships, business relationships and ultimately, pure & comfortable joy amongst the women in the room – having the opportunity to facilitate this environment on a regular basis for women in my community is such a privilege. Tokeativity is pure magic and I am so honored to help spread that love.”  – Wendy Mintey, Tokeativity Eugene Leader

Q: What does it mean to be a Tokeativity leader?

A: Each Tokeativity chapter is led by one person who serves as the local city lead. This ambassador represents her city by leading a team and organizing the chapter with the support of Tokeativity headquarters in Oregon.

As the primary city lead, you would be in charge of all the details for your local event such as:

— Securing a venue (public and private spaces)

— Finding & coordinating sponsors for events that help to cover event costs and bring in revenue

— Finding collaborators each month that relate to the event themes and intentions

— Leading the Chapter team (including extended team such as a photographer)

— Marketing for the event (with the chapter agreement boundaries)

— Serving as the main point of contact for HQ

— We pay 1 person, you can distribute as you see fit

Q: What are some qualities you look for in a chapter leader?

A: Here are six qualities:

— You’re passionate about empowering all women: We are here to empower all women, help listen to them and help lift them up whenever we can. We do this though creating spaces for women to connect, learn and create together as one.  We are looking for someone who can lead their community, support women from diverse backgrounds, diffuse competitive energy that can surface whenever possible, and put the needs of their community first.

— You’re passionate about cannabis normalization: We are consumption forward. This means that we support cannabis normalization, but we lean on the side of being able to support consumption normalization, as well as the overall cannabis normalization.

— You just make things happen: Organizing a chapter is a big responsibility and involves many moving pieces. We’ve learned that although experience in the industry and event organization is a plus, it can’t make up for a willingness to get started, figure things out, and make it work.

— You’re good at giving away credit: It takes a certain personality to successfully lead a Tokeativity team, keep sponsors happy, and celebrate local talent. This chapter won’t be 100% about you. It will be about the fantastic people you get to bring together and you will absolutely benefit from leading the way on many levels.

— You’re obsessed with “mixing up” your community: Tokeativity was founded to be entirely open and accessible to women of all kinds. Our leaders are willing to make the extra effort required to gather a diverse group every month from all industries, backgrounds and professional levels to expand the community.

— You’re flexible: We at HQ do our best to steer the Tokeativity ship with limited time and resources. If you’re looking to join an organization that has everything laid out for you with zero changes whatsoever, we’re probably not a good fit. This is an exciting time for Tokeativity, and we will ask you to experiment with new initiatives while welcoming feedback.

Q: Can you have more than one Tokeativity leader?

A: Yes. We need ONE point of contact for each chapter who serves as the face of that location but we ask that you nominate a co-lead or set of co-leads to support you behind the scenes. This way if illness, travel, or any number of life’s surprises prevents you from hosting one month, you have a solid back up. You’re free to organize your team as you see fit, but only one person is the official person we send all payments and tax documents to.

Q: Do leaders sign an agreement?

A: Each leader signs an agreement in order to represent the Tokeativity brand and agrees that all content created as a result of a Tokeativity event is property of Blisslandia LLC dba Tokeativity. The agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable.

Q: Can my company or group apply to be a leader?

A: No. Tokeativity chapters are licensed to individuals. In many instances, a host’s company supports their employee (e.g.committing to long term sponsorship/resources). But at the end of the day our official relationship is with the individual, and if that person leaves his/her current company, the chapter would remain with that person.

General Expectations

Q: How much time typically goes into being a Tokeativity leader?

A: On average, a leader spends about 5 hours a week building their community and in preparing for events in the weeks leading up. This number may fluctuate a bit as the leader becomes more seasoned, but 20 hours a month is a good estimate for those times. The more time you put in, the more results you will get back. Some leaders spend a lot more time, like 10-20 hours in the days leading up to a larger event, but this time can be dispersed among other leaders and the community who can help bring events to life and depends on the type of event. Meetups in public spaces take very little time (in our experience). Panels and workshops take a moderate amount of time, and chapters that perform larger social events with 50 or more women usually take the most time. We recommend delegating tasks amongst the leaders to reduce time spent on any one person.

Q: Can I make money from producing Tokeativity events?

A: Chapter leaders receive a portion of attendance, sponsorship sales and any other digital products where customers use a leader’s personal coupon code. This should not replace a job, but rather, support your work in the world with your business and life. You will get access to the most amazing opportunities you could have ever dreamed of through your commitment and monthly or bi-monthly events. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars by marketing your business through the events you produce throughout the year.

If you are looking to participate this solely to make money, this may not be a good fit for you. As a chapter is established and built, there are opportunities to generate revenue through selling Business & Grassroots memberships, sponsorships, event passes and products. The amount really ranges, depending on relationships, effort, and what opportunities come up. The more time invested the higher the potential. HQ will also work to assist in selling sponsorships and event passes for chapters.

Q: What can I expect as a Tokeativity leader? 

A: As a woman who is organizing something as edgy and fresh as Tokeativity, you can expect to be viewed as a leader in your community, and in turn, you will make new friends, attract new followers and create amazing opportunities for expansion of your own business and self.

Q: How often are events?

A: Each chapter commits to hosting a minimum of 6 Tokeativity events per year. Most chapters organize an event at least once per month. Events can be held on any day of the week. We are currently hosting on-going Toking Hour online meetings monthly. Leaders must commit to hosting online meetings monthly through Dec 2020 for their city.

Q: Who are the events for?

A: Tokeativity was formed out of the growing need for women to have a community where they feel empowered, uplifted and educated about cannabis and themselves. Tokeativity is forever focused on women and the feminine experience. 

All individuals are welcome to join as a member of our website. We host community events for women & allies as well as social club events for women through our non profit. All guests agree to our code of conduct and agree to the CONNECT PLEDGE: “I promise to support women, listen to them and help lift them up”. We make an effort to focus on diffusion of competitive and reduction of patriarchal energy in efforts of creating a brave space for women to feel amazing.

Q: What happens after the year is over?

A: You can re-commit to another year, if you prefer OR you have the option to pass the torch to another woman in your community. We would love for you to shift into a mentorship role for that chapter to show them what you learned and how to support the community you worked so hard to build. As a thank you for your commitment, if you are a founding leader of a chapter, meaning you were the first one to start the chapter in your city, you will be forever named as a FOUNDING LEADER on our website and be able to attend any and all Tokeativity events for free in the future.

Q: Is there a cost for Tokeativity events?

A: Costs of events vary. Tokeativity hosts events that typically range from $0 to $45. We now offer sliding scale as an option. We do offer free access to events through our Grassroots & Business Members and provide coupon codes at time through marketing efforts. Additionally, we have a scholarship program for those in need.

Q: Will I need to get insurance for in person events?

A: It is ideal to cover your base with insurance for an in person event. We have an insurance company we can recommend to you.

Q: Does every Tokeativity Social have a theme?

A: YES! Tokeativity has monthly themes for our social events that tie into the seasons, holidays or social movements. The themes also serve as a common thread and a fun way to connect all of our cities. When there are 20 Witchy Woman events happening in one month, the excitement is palpable and the marketing efforts are easier on all!

Our stance is, so long as it empowers women and forwards the normalization of cannabis, we will support almost any theme or topic. All events must be pre-approved by HQ via proposal form.

Online meetings & Toking Hours do not “need a theme”. Please inquire to our HQ team if you need clarity on what bucket to put specific events into.

About Your City

Q: Can there be more than one Tokeativity chapter per city?

A: No, however there can be branches of a chapter in the same city if the size and community needs demand it.

Q: Can I organize a Tokeativity chapter for my entire country?

A: No. Tokeativity chapters are limited to one per city. Sometimes regions are more appropriate than cities due to geographic occurrences, but in most cases, a chapter is named by its city.

Q: I live in a small city. Can I still apply to start a chapter?

A: Yes! If you are applying because you see the need in your community, we trust that no matter what the population size, people want to gather around the topics that Tokeativity covers. Assessing the needs of your community is important and will help you be more successful. Please look to see what chapters we already have prior to applying.

Q: What if the city I want to apply for is very close to another chapter?

A: You’re welcome to still apply. Since the chapters would be so close, it is important to consider what makes sense. If you would like to consider opening a branch of the city’s chapter, please inquire.

About the Application Process

Q: How can the application be submitted?

A: The application can be submitted via video or via the form. If you prefer video submission, we recommend a tool called SoapBox.

Q: If I apply via video, how long should my video be?

A: Use your best judgement 🙂 We encourage you to make sure to answer all of the questions.

Q: Why video for applications?

A: WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Being able to see you in the initial application helps us get to know you faster!

Q: Can I submit a video that I already made (for a different purpose) as my video application?

A: We appreciate the resourcefulness, but please make a new video to answer the questions we ask in the application.

Q: If I apply, how long until I hear from you?

A: We review applications once a month so you can expect an update within that time frame. Due to COVID-19, replies back on applications may be delayed.

Q: Are there more steps to the application process after I submit?

A: If your application seems like a good fit, we will setup a video chat/interview to learn more about you and your vision for the chapter. Once you are approved and we decide to establish you as the main leader, we have some paperwork to sign. We will then send you information about how to get started. After review, you’ll need to set up a call with our Chapter Coordinator to go over any last min questions. From that point, we can start with getting you off the ground with online meetings!

Q: What kind of timelines do you expect in order to launch a chapter?

A: We review applications 1x a month, sometimes quicker. If we think someone is a good match for becoming a chapter leader, we reach out and schedule an interview.  After the interview, we review and approve those who move forward in the process and send them digital paperwork to sign, which we expect to have returned within a week. After that is received, we will send you our digital tool kit and a Tokeativity email address to use to help you plan. It takes about an hour or so to read and review. After your review, you will schedule a launch call with our chapter coordinator to go over any other last minute questions, and discuss potential dates for your first event!

Q: How often do all of the chapters meet?

A: We host an all chapter call once a month! It is a great way to meet the other Tokeativity leaders around the world and share ideas about everything from event planning to cannabis normalization and feminism. Once approved, you will be invited to this all chapter call through the on-boarding process.

Q: Is applying for a chapter first come first serve?

A: No, not necessarily. However, we do recommend that you get your application in as soon as you can.

Q: Should I reserve or “park” my city’s social media accounts? (e.g. Twitter)

A: Please do not register social media accounts on behalf of a Tokeativity chapter you are applying for. Other teams may be applying, your priorities may change, and it’s difficult for us to hunt down reserved accounts. 

Q: What’s the answer to the secret question?

A: women first

Q: Can I reach out to potential sponsors, venues or speakers before applying?

A: We would appreciate you waiting until you are officially on-boarded and have access to our tools before proceeding with communicating on behalf of your chapter. You can, however, begin collecting information of venues, speakers, sponsors, etc so when we are ready to move forward, getting started is WAY easier.

Running a Chapter

Q: Where can events be hosted?

A: We host events online in a space we set up for you. Due to COVID-19, in person events are on pause for different cities. When events resume, they can be hosted in public or private locations of all kinds. Think outside the box here: after hours in businesses, private properties, homes, parks, woman-owned businesses, public events, and traditional event spaces etc. Really, most spaces can be turned into Tokeativity Magic with just a little bit of love. We recommend creating a list ASAP of potential venues to support any type and theme of events that you may want to plan. At the end of the day, FREE or low cost venues are the best venues!

Q: Do we have to get speakers approved by headquarters?

A: No, but you do have to submit event proposals for larger events after you have met your 3 consecutive event minimum. Larger events must be approved before proceeding with a proposal process.

Q: Are there any costs/fees associated with running a chapter?

A: Chapter leaders are responsible for event costs – but! We have created ways for events to cost $50-$100 per event to operate. How?! We’ll teach you! You should never have to spend very much $ on anything, and we are here to answer questions about how to do that.

There are no application fees, upfront fees or ongoing fees to headquarters other than our agreed splits, which we process and pay out to the chapters. Our chapters help sustain headquarters on an agreed % and participating in HQ’s partnership initiatives from time to time.

Q: Do local chapters create LLCs?

A: Some chapters establish organizations to keep finances in order. However, Tokeativity does not permit chapter leaders to use the “Tokeativity” trademark, or confusingly similar names, as the entity name. You may want to consider making a simple events company LLC.

Q: Are Tokeativity speakers ever paid?

A: When you are organizing an event, you can make decisions around paying speakers, etc. However, HQ does not provide additional financial support outside of the standard approved budget.

Q: What sort of resources and support does Tokeativity headquarters provide?

A: Each of our chapters receives a large batch of files via Google Docs (e.g. brand assets, slides templates, sample marketing materials, email templates,etc.). The online Tokeativity handbook details guidelines and experiences from our leaders, and provides access to our digital communication tools for all Tokeativity leaders worldwide.

Additionally, we also provide a landing spot for all things related to your chapter via Tokeativity Connect like: marketing, customer service, tech support, event planning support, sponsorship support and networks of connections in and out of the Tokeativity community.

You never have to feel alone in the process! Our goal is to help you be successful, and we are here for you!

Q: How long is the commitment for being a leader?

A: The agreement is for 1 year. At your anniversary of being a leader we will reassess the agreement.

Q: What happens if I’m the leader and I’d like to pass on the role to someone else?

A: We have an exit process setup for our leaders. You will have the option to nominate someone who you heavily endorse to be the next leader (they will have to complete an abridged application). Otherwise, headquarters will open up public applications for the chapter.

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